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I thought that the two girls would become close which they did, but i did not think that if Anna did not give Kate this kidney she would die but then again is Anna did she would not be able to have children or play sports. This was an effective way to end the novel because no one thought that would have happened, so everyone was sorta shocked.
The language gave the novel a tone, when they changed how they worded things, they knew when to change things to give a different feeling like sad or happy. I love reading books like this because i am love medical or surgical books or movies, they interest me. as far as understanding goes i was able to understand pretty well everything they were putting down.
i would recommend this book to anyone who likes a sad but very interesting books. this book gives great detail and gives a good understanding of what is happening. I myself loved this book and would definitely read something like this again if i had the chance. 




Heart Break Kid

Anna Fitzgerald was born to give anything to save her sister Kate’s life. Anna’s goal is to be able to give a kidney, liver, blood,etc. Anna would have to be ready at any given time no matter what hour or day it was. she is constantly being needed for something and was unaware until her brother told her on why she was born. Ever since Anna was told she keeps accomplishing her goal to be there and save Kate’s life.

Anna faced a conflict when she was informed that the only given reason she was born was to save Kate’s. she thought like any normal girl would, why would she just be born to save her sister’s life. Just because she is the first one born why is she the one who gets to live. As i read this book and as i watched the movie i thought the same thing although it is heart breaking knowing your daughter could die at any given time but why just have another daughter to keep her alive.

i belive her and her sister will make things good between each other and hopefully anna wont be so upset over being just born for one reason. i think this story will end with her making things peaceful between both parents and sister. she will hopefully be loved as much as any of their other children. I do not belive in this kind of relationship between parents and daughter.

I personally can not relate or be in these characters shoes but my cousin was diagnosed with leukemia at age two. grant was constantly sent for tests, and had to get both chemo and radiation and was in the hospital his whole life.  he passed away when he was nine and it was a heart breaking moment. i understand where the parents are coming from when wanting to save their daughter so they do not have to go through that heart breaking stage but it is not necessary for them to have a kid just to keep the first daughter alive.


My Sister’s Keeper

I chose this novel because when I watched the movie it really spoke to me. It intrigued me to read the book to see the difference between the two. The movie was sad but interesting all in one, I liked the medical side of things and how parents would just have another kid to keep there other one alive. I have read so far her side of things and how she found out why she was born. I think that’s not right on so many levels. It makes me think what it would be like to be in her actual shoes. The title doesn’t seem what you think it would be about when fist seeing it.

The title is involved with the book in the sense that they are trying to keep one and use the other one for parts. After reading parts of this novel, it puts the title meaning in place. I don’t think I would change the title if I could. The one that they have makes you wonder what they are really talking about and it doesn’t give the whole book away. I don’t think I could have picked a better title for this book.

So far in this the relationship between the two sisters is not like a normal sibling relationship. The one sister does not really know why she was just born to become parts for her sister. They have sorta a bond in the sense that if one was not sick and the other was not just born to give parts to her sister to keep her alive they would have a normal sister relationship. The mother daughter relationship between Anna and her parents is not strong they relay on her relay on her to keep there first daughter alive as if she is the only one that matters, and that just because he was the first she deserves to stay alive. All the pressure is on Anna in every sense in this novel.

when i started the book they use very precise words and language to explain and describe everything. They use language to make you understand what they are trying to say. The author knew what they wanted to get across and that exactly how it turned out. Everything in the way they were trying to make it out to be was perfect.


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